Build a community around your product

If digital transformation is about finding new ways to engage your customers, then there are few better ways than to build a customer portal.  Software companies have for years published a knowledge base and user community forum, but it is only more recently that manufacturers have started to follow the same trend.  Open source software is freely available to enable you and your users to generate a repository of searchable information which can be developed by your own company staff or your customers and distributors.  Typically information could be about installation, maintenance or use of products.

A community portal is frequently essential in developing a fan-base around your product  which has obvious benefits, firstly in terms of having a large group of independent people actively prescribing and talking about your products, and secondly in expanding your knowledge base or in helping to develop suggestions for product development .

Creating a portal requires the installation and configuration of opensource software on your website (the easiest part) but more importantly requires a change in mentality in the way that customers are serviced.  It is absolutely essential that customer questions and answers are published on the web, rather than simply replying by (private) email.

If you are interested in taking the step to create a customer portal, you are welcome to contact us, and we set you along the path.

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