Customer References

ECommerce and Search
Geographically filtered restaurant and menu search application. Query optimisation and performance monitoring.
Financial and mortgage database. Application development, query optimisation, synonym search and cluster setup.
Sportswear ecommerce site. Query optimisation and performance monitoring.
Online book ecommerce. Auto complete analysers and php interface for elasticsearch.

Call Centre Management and CRM
Machine learning artificial intelligence meets CRM. Cluster setup and upgrades. Monitoring using cloudwatch and filebeats log shippers.
Call quality monitoring

Application Monitoring and Cybersecurity
Logs and application monitoring. Log parsing using logstash, application monitoring, creation of siem dashboards for hospitals and universities.
Osint software. Embedded application for dashboarding data extracted from browsing history.
Telephone network installation and monitoring. APM server, logstash parsers and cluster maintenance.
Video streaming. Cluster setup, monitoring and upgrade support. Setup of snapshots from elasticsearch to s3.
Content handling systems. Cluster setup and monitoring. Creation of dashboards for data scraping application.

Financial Industry
Restaurant POS financial database. Syncronisation of sql database with elasticsearch. Logstash data parsers, dashboarding. Security configuration.
Application monitoring and reporting. Ingest using lambda functions, kibana dashboards for business intelligence.