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Categorization and tagging articles with Machine Learning

Several customers have approached us with requirements for categorization and tagging of articles in order to provide a consistent, automated tags for news or knowledge base articles.

Automated article tagging has many advantages:

  • Immediate tagging (no waiting)
  • Time savings
  • Consistent tagging from defined set of tags
  • Human tagging checks can be incorporated to improve quality of tagging

The approach consists of “teaching” the machine learning algorithm by manually tagging a number of articles with a category.  This requires a minimum of one article for each tag.  A data pipeline can be created which automatically tags any new articles received with a number of article tags and relevance scores.   As the process continues, any new articles that are added to the process can help improve the quality of results as they are incorporated into the machine learning process.

At smart factory we have created such a process for a number of customers including news agencies, and information brokers.