Choose your Poison (selecting an ERP)

I have never met anyone who says they are pleased with their ERP system.   That is until you want to change it.   This is the point at which the strongest critic converts to becoming the most faithful defender of a system they once damned. Here are some suggestions based on my own experience:

Involve all interested parties in the discussion/ evaluation

BUT: Don’t manage by committee

Look for a system which can be customized as a standard.

Custom modifications to software are to be avoided because you will run into compatibility issues as the core software is updated.

Make a checklist of the new functionalities you are looking for now and possibly over the next few years.

Make sure you prioritize and that staff are realistic about their expectations.

Don’t expect the system to be the same as your old one but with all the features it was missing. 

It doesn’t work like that.

Ask for references from your type of industry and talk to them

It is important that the reference is from a company with a similar type of business and process to yours.  Ask them what functionality do they miss, how did the implementation go, how is the support?

Don’t leave implementation to a junior engineer fresh from college

It is a great help to have a junior full time on the project to learn the software, define processes and flows and help with the implementation, but there will be many issues and key decisions which will need to be pushed through (with the opposition of some change resistant staff) and this will  need a lot of support from senior management and people with experience in implementing ERP.  (yes I do offer help on that).

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