Guide to Cost reduction through Cellular Manufacture

Cellular manufacture is a technique to optimize a production process by reducing the materials handling from one machine to the next.  Here are a few tips to get started.

1.Eliminate all unnecessary operations

This may be achieved through good design for manufacture

2. Combine operations in a single tool/ machine

Use of machining centre is a typical example of this but there are many other low cost examples such as using rotary tables to enable several press or drilling operations to be carried out in a single machine.

3.Group tools and machines together

So that they can be operated by a single person or team of people, eliminating transport and reducing handling.  This also helps increase individual operator accountability since a single operator (or team) has full responsibility for producing a single part.

4.Use Poke Yoke so that errors or missed operations are automatically detected in the tool

Reduces scrap and also eliminates/ reduces need to spend time quality checking

5.Ergonomically Design work stations to minimize effort.

Parts should be moved where possible from one tool to the next without the need to put the part down in between.

6. Evaluate the use of simple automation to eliminate manual tasks in the work cell

This is appropriate if the same elements can be used for all parts produced in the cell, but is less practical if it complicates the set up of the machine.


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