Private Search Engine

Take your data and make it searchable!

Smart factory can take data from a number of different sources and create a private search engine for use publicly or in your own private network.

Data sources include:

  • files
  • pdf documents
  • word or excel documents
  • sql databases
  • application servers

With an elasticsearch search engine, you can create a full text search which returns results from Terrabytes of data (thousands of millions of records) in less than 1 second.


  • web interface (public or private)
  • autocomplete suggestions
  • drop down filters
  • highlighters

Use Case:

A mortgage company required a private knowledge base to enable its support staff to respond to questions from customers.  The company had many thousands of internal documents in a sql database along with thousands more pdf and word documents which contained previous responses made to customers.  By creating a private search engine, customer support staff could quickly locate knowledge base documents or determine whether a question had already been answered in the past, enabling them to provide  quick and informed responses, reducing requirements for external legal advice by 80%.