The 4m (with apologies to the 5s)

I must confess, I can never remember what the 5S actually are, so here are my 4M s



Manufacturing is a team effort.  Empower people to take responsible decisions.


Measuring results motivates and enables people to take informed decisions.


Defining methods is an essential part of obtaining repeatable results in terms of process times, quality and safety.  However defining a method is on its own is not sufficient.  It must be continuously improved through experience and ingenuity.


Ensure everyone is aware of costs  in euros or dollars has an extraordinary empowering effect to enable people to understand the economic impact of their actions and to take informed decisions.   eg. “1 minute of down time on line 3 costs 350$” or “turning the heating down 1 degree saves the company 2.200€ ”  .

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